LG Innotek LGD521 DVR

LG Innotek is a global materials and components manufacturer that focuses on mobile, automotive, LED, display, semi conductor and IoT business field with its core technology.

The LGD521 is a sleek dashcam with built-in WLAN and App. The 4MP CMOS front camera features 1080p resolution with 130 viewing angle, the 1 MP CMOS rear camera does 720p and has a 120 coverage.

It has a low voltage power cut, and supports up to 128GB cards, format free which eliminates the need to frequently manually format the memory card. A super capacitor allows for saving crucial footage especially in a collision. A built-in thermal sensor automatically cuts power to the camera if it gets too hot. This new camera comes bundled with a PC Viewer for Windows, and OSX, as well as smartphone apps for Android and iOS.

It is equipped with a triple axis G-sensor for shock sensing. An external GPS can be added onto the unit for speed as well as location information recording.

2 Channel Full HD + HD recording
Micro SD 32GB
Android, IOS
Made in Korea
Built-in WLAN and App
Front Camera : 1080p/ Diagonal 130°
Rear Camera : 720p/ Diagonal 120°
Power down at low voltage
With SD Memory 32GB (up to 128GB)
Format free function
Saving collision footage (Suaper Capacitor)
Power down at high temperature (Thermal Sensor)
LED Indicator Status
External GPS
PC Viewer for Window and Mac System